Tough on DWI - David Soares

Tough on DWI

Albany County is recognized by the NYS Stop DWI for its tough and smart approach to combating DWI. The local chapter for its service to victims and families during the course of prosecutions.

Albany County is currently ranked 17th in the state for prosecutions of DWI. Prior to taking office in 2005, Albany County was ranked 61st out of 62 counties on DWI enforcement and prosecution.

District Attorney Soares created the Vehicular Crimes Unit and established a comprehensive strategy that involved tougher prosecutions, education and prevention.

District Attorney Soares, in partnership with the New York State Police, the State Liquor Authority, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and NYS Restaurant and Tavern Association created training programs for law enforcement, alcohol distributers, and restaurateurs resulting in less service of alcohol to minors and more efficient arrests.

Bars and nightclubs that were notorious in their marketing of teens were targeted and shut down. Tougher policies coupled with increased training for law enforcement has resulted in improved rankings compared sister counties.

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