Legal Lives - David Soares

Legal Lives

As an Assistant District Attorney, David Soares taught students as part of the “Legal Lives” program and realized how beneficial it can be in the life of a young person growing up in Albany.

When sixth-grade teacher Diane Micelli, who had experienced the successes of the program under former District Attorney Greenberg, came to District Attorney Soares in 2007 to bring back the program, the office was more than happy to oblige. District Attorney Soares presented the first lesson in the “Legal Lives” curriculum on November 1, 2007 to three sixth grade social studies classes at the Albany School of Humanities (ASH).

The program runs the length of the school year and involves the District Attorney’s staff, private attorneys, members of law enforcement, judges and teachers who all work together to teach students about the law and its role in their lives.

The “Legal Lives” curriculum was written specifically to increase students’ knowledge of the law, and to prevent juvenile delinquency through the development of critical and analytical thinking skills.

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