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Community Accountability Board

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The Community Accountability Board (CAB) is a community based alternative sentencing program for non-violent first-time, offenders of quality of life crimes. In CAB proceedings, instead of going to City Court, offenders report to a group of local community leaders and they negotiate an appropriate sentence for the offense.

There are many benefits to a CAB proceeding. First the offender is more likely to buy into the sentence since he/she actively participates in its negotiation. This stands in stark contrast to typical City Court proceeding where the fate of the defendant is negotiated by the prosecutor, the public defender and the Judge with little or no participation on the part of the defendant.

Additionally, the defendant, very often is required to participate in community service and make some sort of academic achievement as part of his sentence.

The goal of a CAB proceeding is a healing between the community and the offender, and minimizing the risk of recidivism by the offender.

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