Combating Drug Supplies - David Soares

Combating Drug Supplies

David SoaresFighting CrimeCombating Drug Supplies

District Attorney Soares has maintained a tough and smart balance in protecting Albany County from the many drug distribution networks seeking to establish a foothold in the Capital Region. As a vociferous opponent to the draconian Rockefeller drug laws and its focus on low level offenders, District Attorney Soares has focused the energies of the office into moving up the food chain and dismantling the drug pipelines supplying the streets of Albany.

Through collaborations with local, state, and federal authorities, thousands of pounds of marijuana, dozens of kilos of cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs have been intercepted prior to hitting the streets. By targeting profiteers, the thousands of dollars that have been seized are returned to the community in the form of prevention programs designed to engage and educate youth, investing in law enforcement equipment throughout the county, especially in rural areas.

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